A Musical Dancing Fountain involves a sequential flow of water through an animated fountain, set to the tune of musical beats.  Musical Dancing Fountain involves blending the rigors of engineering with the creativity of an artist. The engineering aspects of MDF involve calibrating the Horse Power of Pumps with the displacement of the nozzles, while the creativity aspect of MDF entails choosing the right water movement and effects to the rhythm of the music so chosen. A perfectly synchronized MDF will be poetry in motion.


Son et Lumière are night time infotainment shows where various elements like music, lights and narration are blended in the backdrop of eminent monuments or historical places to give an enthralling entertainment to the visitors/connoisseurs of Art. It is an orchestration of music, laser, lights projects set to the tune of music and narration. A typical Sound & Light show will last 20 to 30 minutes and will leave its viewers spellbound. 


In the fast changing Digital World, Out of Home Entertainment has now got its own life. More and more young people spend most of their “Awake” time, out of home, either at office or in public places like Pubs, Malls and the likes. In such a scenario, the concept of Entertainment has also gone through a sea change. Now more and more people are appreciative of visual arts and digital entertainment in public places. Multimedia Shows entails the use of Laser effects in conjunction with Multimedia projection and Musical Fountain Formations to entertain people. Typically these shows are of 20-30 minute duration conducted in parks or public spaces with large foot fall areas.


Post the Economic Reforms in 1991, India embarked on heavy industrialization which lead to the need for systems for Industrial Communication. One of the effective and unique systems in this space is the Talk Back system which is an Open Line , Half-duplex, Press-to-talk Communication system. BNA Flexinet partners with OEM Component Manufacturers in this space and develops system. The salient features of this Analog system include

Channels : 2/4/8
Paging : Single Zone /Multi- Zone /All Zone
Stored Message Playback : Single Zone /Multi-Zone /All Zone
Telephone Line Interface
Manual Trigger of Firealarm Siren